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Quilling is the art of rolling, coiling and shaping of small strips of paper to create a cohesive 3D design and has been practiced for centuries. Historians have been able to date the art form back to Ancient Egyptian times where crafters would use a bird's feather (quill) as the tool to coil the paper upon.


Quilling Card is proud to be a certified Fair Trade Federation Member, ensuring that working environments and employee relations are held to the highest standards.


Every design in our collection is handcrafted by a member of our dedicated team. Many of these artists are young adults from rural areas surrounding Ho Chi Minh City. Securing a sustainable career is difficult for those who have had limited access to education. Quilling Card provides the opportunity for these individuals to learn a new skill, develop a flourishing career, and receive exceptional wages and benefits.


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Blank Inside. Blank insert included for notes.

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