About Us

Frontier began 20 years ago as a platform for local artists and craftsmen to share their work with the rest of the world. The purpose was to create a "frontier" to allow individuals to explore the creative work of artists who otherwise would have no outlet. Maintaining this core practice, we've since expanded to showcase an array of unique and extraordinary items, all of which we've grown to love and consider as part of our motto: "All for the heart and home."

We choose to sell items that we feel resonate with those two areas. The "heart" is where we store all of our passions, loves, and innermost dreams. It's the guide we follow to remain true to ourselves and find individual expression. We want to provide an outlet for the heart - a place where all of those things that are most important to you can be translated into outward expression. Every heart needs a home, and a house is not a home until it looks, feels, and functions like an extension of your heart.

"Home" is about reconnecting, renewing, reuniting, reconfirming, and all things "re-". Home is that safe and comfortable place where we can have our own routine and know exactly what to expect. The outside world isn't always so predictable. Our hope is that you will find gifts here that add value to the place we hold most dear, home. 

We are located in the heart of downtown Athens, GA the beautiful Classic City that we call our home.

Welcome to our home!

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